Optimize the results of your company with our broad services portfolio based on your needs.

  • Tech Support
  • Networking
  • Professional Services
  • Security
  • Logistics

Reduce costs and repair times with our integral option for maintaining your infrastructure.

Netser delivers alternatives to suit many different service requirements that may appear in your organization on a daily basis.
Our alternatives are geared to meet your needs based on aspects such as technology, frequency of service, size of your business, distribution of users, technical skill required, time resolution, among others.
Netser offers options that will allow your company to focus on production factors, simplifying the management of technical services in relevant areas such as:

  • User Support
  • Issue Solution (HW and SW)
  • Business continuity
  • Management of IT personnel
  • Implementations
  • Project Management
  • Platform Management
  • 7 X 24 Services
  • Services Management in multiple countries, in addition to many others.

Tech Support Services

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Optimize information processing in your company with our services.

The dynamic business world is increasingly oriented to the collaboration between individuals that require more connectivity, speed, capacity, and applications that allow them to be more efficient. Having a robust data center with the appropriate infrastructure as well as efficiently managed applications will, give your organization the flexibility and versatility its users needs. Netser has certified personnel who can provide consulting, technology services, and application management aimed to maximize efficiency, safety, reliability and customer service; which translates into cost reductions. Your information is a very valuable asset. Let us support you in order to manage it with efficiency.

Data Center Services

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Overcome inflexibility and high costs by being more- and better- connected.

Productivity depends on a continuous and timely flow of information within and out of your company. Part of our services is to implement projects on IT infrastructure that strengthen levels of communication, and lower expenses incurred by having offices in different locations. Our consultants on communication technologies will implement the most appropriate alternative tailored to the needs of your business in order to connect locally, or connect hoy subsidiaries together.

Networking Services

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Run your project with specialized guide.

Maximize the success of your projects by involving qualified and certified personnel in various disciplines.
In Netser we will support your with team with a certified and experienced staff for: Consulting, Designing, Implementing and deliver Operating IT projects that your company requires. 


Professional Services

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Protect your business and make it more profitable.

The information and systems that make up the structure of your company are valuable assets that support its productivity.
With advanced technologies, we develop solutions to protect your organization's core resources while minimizing risks and attacks that could hamper critical processes.
Based on your goals, we’ll provide the best fit for your security scale or integration required depending on the nature of your business.

Security Services

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Minimize customers’ launching time.

Our regional coverage gives us the ability to provide broad alternatives in order to reduce repair times on interruptions.
Through our convenient handling of crucial parts keep your client productive.
As your partner in technology, we provide Value Adding services with logistics in the areas of imports, storage, custody, and exports of critical parts for the operational continuity of your customer.

Logistics Services

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Logistics Services