Repair your devices in our facilities.

At Netser we give our customer the option to use our facilities as repair centers. The devices can be shipped from the client’s office to any of our convenient locations in the entire region to put them back to work in the shortest amount of time possible.

Ideal for those cases in which the client has large quantities of the same device that need immediate substitution for end users during reparation. Devices such as: mobile devices (Laptops, Tablets, Phones), Printing equipment, or data management point of sale (POS) and others.

Our workshops have the technology to perform detailed analyses and detect the failure, replace the damaged part, and leave the device operating according to manufacturer’s standards.

Our workshops in different locations and regional repair centers (RRC) provide customers and manufacturers the opportunity to minimize repair costs and maximize spare parts accessibility.
Our Facilities count on regional support for both the supply of, as well as, training for our technicians.

This service may be supported by a Logistics Call Center to allow managing of the entire repair cycle of the equipment.

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