Vendor’s regional service solutions

Reach the same quality standard in service

Imagine reaching the same quality standard in service for the entire region to accelerate your penetration into the Latin American IT market. We offer our end-to-end service based on the best industry practices and understanding individual commercial and ethical needs of our customers.

In Netser we have developed important strategic relationships with major hardware and software brands in the region in order to facilitate market entry and increase positioning with solid post sales service.

Several manufacturers and wholesalers of IT products and solutions have relied on our ability to provide comprehensive service that adds value to their operations with technical support regionally distributed for end users.

Our proposal begins with spare parts and devices regional logistics management up to the reestablishment end users.

How can we achieve this?

We rely on solid service management tools that allow us to take full control of the entire process and coordinate every step to ensure support on each event reported. All this is done under direct and real-time integration between the vendor and Netser for a constant flow of information. 

Vendor’s benefits

  • Regional scope in both service and spare parts replacement with integrated logistics
  • Control systems for cases
  • Inventory and cases monitoring
  • 360º service process management 
  • Cost Reduction
  • Unique point of contact for the entire region

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